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About Marinwood Preschool Programs

About Marinwood Preschool Programs

preschool_paintingPractically hidden away, just off freeway 101 is the Marinwood Community Center; home to the Marinwood preschool.  Among the many Marin preschools, Marinwood preschool organizes classes to enrich young children from the age of two right up to age five.  These classes are sure to enable your children to be as ready as possible for their entry into grade school.

All Marinwood preschool class sizes are small.  This approach allows for a higher degree of personal attention in a calm environment that’s perfect for helping your child through the early learning years.  This calm and safe environment enables your preschooler to develop friends, learn to work and play with others their own age and develop confidence in their time away from their parents.

Marinwood PreschoolThe philosophy of the Marinwood preschool is to make their large collection of toys and other materials available to your child.  These playthings provide your child the opportunity to grow and create continually.  Different playthings are introduced on a daily basis to give the children choice.  They will find these materials both intriguing and challenging.

Each class is run by a team of 2 teachers which allows your child to stay without you safely.  Of course, you are always welcome to remain in the classroom should your child feel uncomfortable without your presence.  Marinwood preschool realizes that some children need to have their parents around longer than others.

marinwood preschool

Marinwood preschool handles the conflicts between children that always arise as they work or play together.  The teachers make suggestions to the children involved for the resolution of conflicts.  They are always urged to express their feelings and desires while bearing in mind the Marinwood preschool expectations that each child is treated with respect, as conflicts are being resolved. Preschoolers are always provided with suggestions and the rules of resolution in an atmosphere of fairness and open communication.

For further contact information, class schedules and registration details, goto Marinwood Preschool Programs.

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