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Dixie School District Kindergarten Registration

Dixie Kindergarten Registration

Vallecito Elementary School

Dixie School District Kindergarten Registration

It’s that time of the year again … time to register your 5 year olds to start Kindergarten in the Fall!

All 3 Dixie Elementary schools (Dixie Elementary, Mary Sylveria and Vallecito) have packets ready for you to pick up to register your 5 year old for Dixie School District Kindergarten.

Now this year this hits home for my daughter will be entering Kindergarten. We as parents find it hard to believe that our babies have grown up enough to go to Kindergarten. I know I for one couldn’t’ be more thrilled for my daughter to attend a Dixie District Elementary School. She’ll be going to Mary Sylveria, along with 4 other children who live on my street. Have I mentioned before how much I love living in Marinwood and love all the community aspects of living here!

If you need contact info for any of the schools in the Dixie School District, here is the link to my page on Dixie: Dixie School District

You need to have your child registered by March 1st. Your child needs to be 5 by December 2011.

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