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Dixie School District Solar Program Update

Solar Program

Dixie School District Solar Program

Dixie School District is coming up on the 5 year anniversary of its groundbreaking solar powered systems program going live in its four schools; Dixie Elementary, Mary E Silveira Elementary, Vallecito Elementary and Miller Creek Middle School. With their implementation in March 2011, the solar powered systems were the first of their kind owned and operated by a Marin County school district. Seeking not to have any impact on the District’s general funds, implementation of the solar powered systems was paid for with no interest payable Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs); along with a Marin Community Fund grant of $400,000. These CREBs are being repaid by the cost savings achieved through the energy generated by the solar powered systems and through PG&E’s 5 year rebate scheme.

Student education within the Dixie School District also gets benefits from the program. For instance, school programs are now offered that educate students on the many benefits of clean and renewable sources of energy. In addition, if you scroll down the home page of the Dixie School District website, you will find links to each school’s solar energy production statistics.

Now, almost 5 years into the program, Dixie School District can see both the financial and environmental benefits to managing its own solar program in its schools. Since the 2010-11 school year, the solar powered systems have generated over 2.1 million kilowatts per hour (kwh). A detailed breakdown of the kwh generated for each school by year is available in the latest Solar Report Card.

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