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Kids Activities In And Around Marin for April 2011

Ronnie’s Awesome List for April

My friend Ronnie puts together an incredible list of kids activities to do in Marin and the Bay Area.  Ronnie Sharpe is a photographer, if you would like to find out more about Ronnie, here is her website:  www.TadpolePhotography.com

You should probably spend some time away from your home office during the tax season.  Why don’t you explore the gorgeous Marin landscape during your time away from the

Boy with Crab

Boy with Crab

desk.  A good start could be made with the Exploration Backpacks found at Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary.  The backpack will enhance your child’s experience and it is specifically designed by the center’s staff educators for this purpose.  It is available for FREE at the front office. Field guides, investigative tools and activity sheets are included in the Exploration Backpacks; giving you and your family the resources to explore the Center to its fullest extent.  You definitely have the opportunity to learn at your own pace.  The center hosts a variety of local wildlife and native / non-native plants.  Find out about the simple changes it’s possible to make in your own backyard that will help the animals and surrounding plants there. Exploration Backpacks can be used for FREE while you are at the Center; binoculars can even be checked out during your visit as well.

With the advent of spring, wildflowers can be seen just about everywhere! Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve will not disappoint you or your child’s desire to see and explore the local wildflowers. Many wildflowers are unique to the preserve. The beautiful  Mariposa Lily is endemic to the area and can’t be found anywhere else in the world. See

Maniposa Lily, Photo by Craig Solin

Maniposa Lily, Photo by Craig Solin

how many pollinators; bees, birds, and butterflies, you and your child can see? This the perfect time to teach your children the phases in the pollination cycle. They will be fascinated with this natural process and the important role played by the pollinators. You can also explore the Ring Mountain Open Space Preserve with an expert guide by registering for the Ring Mountain Family Walk.

If these are not your style, keep in mind these dates and plan something good.
4/1 April Fool’s Day
4/8 Buddha’s Birthday
4/18 Income Taxes Due (delay due to local Washington DC government holiday)
4/16-4/24 National Park Week; free entry to all National Parks
4/17 Palm Sunday
4/19 Passover
4/21 John Muir’s Birthday
4/22 Good Friday & Earth Day
4/24 Easter
4/28 Take Your Sons & Daughters to Work Day

For a detailed daily list of events in April, goto Ronnie’s Awesome List.

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