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Local Fun Things To Do In Marinwood & Lucas Valley This Weekend, August 26-28

Local Fun Things To Do

August 26-28

What are you planning to do with family and friends in the San Rafael neighborhoods of Marinwood & Lucas Valley this weekend; August 26-28? Why don’t you have a look at the local fun things I’ve found for you to do?

Friday 7:30pm; Ain’t Misbehavin Band
Trek Winery

Ain't Misbehavin Band

Ain’t Misbehavin Band

The Ain’t Misbehavin Band, featuring Bay Area musicians Phil Richardson and Barry & Annie Ernst, plays an eclectic range of acoustic musical styles to audiences of all ages.  Friday’s Trek Winery show pays homage to many of the classic performers, including, Fats Waller, the Boswell Sisters, the Sons of the Pioneers, Cole Porter, Johnny Mercer, and Hoagy Carmichael.  Spiced with a number of originals and various bluegrass tunes, the show promises to be quite a good start to your fun weekend.  Click here to get all the details and add it to your calendar.

Saturday 9am-2pm; Marinwood Community Farmers Market
101 Marinwood Avenue at Miller Creek Road, San Rafael

Marinwood Community Farmers Market

Get your fruits, vegetables, breads and more!

Every aspiring cook, chef or caring partner knows that the best results come from the preparation of locally grown fresh produce; and, the best place to source fresh produce is at a local farmers market. Toward that end, you can’t forget to take a trip to the Marinwood Community Farmers Market. You will meet up with many of your friends as you stock up on your fresh fruits, vegetables, breads and more for the coming week. You may even find something new that sparks your interest. Click here for more details.

Saturday, 1-5pm; “Unleashed” – Terra Linda Ceramic Artists Exhibit
Falkirk Cultural Center

Unleashed - Terra Linda Artists Exhibit

“Unleashed” – Terra Linda Artists Exhibit

And after you’ve found your fruits and vegetables for the week, why don’t you head on over to the Falkirk  Cultural Center and take in “Unleashed”, the Terra Linda Ceramic Artists Exhibit.  This FREE exhibit explores the individual artist’s ideas and concepts of what it means to be truly free.  Click here to read more and visit the Facebook page to get further details.

Sunday 1-3pm; Five Elements Self-Care Sunday
The Earth Element
– Indian Summer
The BodySong Massage Center & School

Five Elements Self-Care Sunday

Five Elements Self-Care Sunday

The Earth Element, aka Indian Summer, is the season of bountiful harvest.  The Chinese Five Elements see it as being a time for nurturing, comfort, and satisfaction. This 2 hour Five Elements Self-Care Sunday workshop at The BodySong Massage Center & School focuses on the easy and effective self-care techniques that will push you toward bringing your Inner Earth feelings and psyche back into a fine balance. The workshop includes a number of floor-exercises so you will want to bring your yoga mat and something to cushion your knees.  Click here to read more about the workshop.  The cost of the workshop is $30 and prior registration is required.  You can also call Francesca on 415-307-1541 to get further information.

Enjoy another great weekend and maybe we’ll even run into each other at one of these Marinwood & Lucas Valley local fun things to do. Please make sure you tell me all about your great weekend; either right below in the comments or on the blog’s Facebook page.

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