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Local Fun Things To Do In Marinwood & Lucas Valley This Weekend, July 14-16

Local Fun Things To Do

July 14-16

What are you planning to do with family and friends in the San Rafael neighborhoods of Marinwood & Lucas Valley this weekend; July 14-16? Why don’t you have a look at these local fun things I’ve found for you to do?

Friday, 6-8pm; Jazz in the Neighborhood
John Hoy Trio
Copperfield’s Books

John Hoy

John Hoy

You are invited to this Friday’s presentation of Jazz in the Neighborhood with the John Hoy Trio performing at Copperfield’s Books.  This FREE show enables you to hear John Hoy and his musical cohorts, Richard Lieter and Cliff Hugo, as they bring their mix of light hearted jazz to the Copperfield’s Books stage.  Click here to read more about their unique arrangements of rather well known songs in a jazz influenced style. You should also click here to register your attendance; as well as, get further details on the show.

Saturday, 1-5pm; The Breastfest Beer Festival
Fairground Island, Marin Center


Breastfest Beer Festival

This year’s annual Breastfest Beer Festival will feature more than 35 breweries, free food, live music, and free non-alcoholic beverages for those that only want to support the cause without imbibing. Located under the big tent on Fairground Island at the Marin Center, don’t miss this critical fundraising event.  See what everyone’s saying about this event here.

Sunday 8am-1pm; Marin Sunday Farmers Market
Marin Civic Center

Marin Sunday Farmers Market

Marin Sunday Farmers Market

Every aspiring and caring cook, chef and partner knows that the best results come from the preparation of locally grown fresh produce.  And everyone knows the best place to get fresh produce in the Marinwood area each week is the Marin Sunday Farmers Market at the Marin Civic Center.   It’s the largest community gathering in the state and it’s a superb place to stock up on all your favorite fresh fruits & vegetables, breads, eggs, cheeses, meats and seafood.  If you are still not sure, then I suggest you head over to Yelp and see what everyone is saying about the Marin Sunday Farmers Market. Finally, you can visit the AIM Instagram feed to see pictures from all the other farmers markets under the Agricultural Institute of Marin banner.

Sunday, 10am-5pm; San Rafael Gem Faire
Exhibit Hall, Marin Center

San Rafael Gem Faire

San Rafael Gem Faire

And when you are done getting the week’s supplies at the Farmers Market, you can take a short walk to the Marin Center Exhibit Hall and visit the final day of the San Rafael Gem FaireClick here to read more or visit the San Rafael Gem Faire website to get all the information you need.

Enjoy another great weekend and maybe we’ll even run into each other at one of these Marinwood & Lucas Valley local fun things to do. Please make sure you tell me all about your great weekend on the blog’s Facebook page.

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