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Local Fun Things To Do In Marinwood & Lucas Valley This Weekend, June 24-26

Local Fun Things To Do 2016

June 24-26

What are you planning to do with family and friends in the San Rafael neighborhoods of Marinwood & Lucas Valley this weekend; June 24-26? Why don’t you have a look at the local fun things I’ve found for you to do?

Friday 6-8pm; Opening Night – Marinwood Music in the Park
Marinwood Community Park

Marinwood Music in the Park 2016

Marinwood Music in the Park 2016

Once again, it’s opening night at Marinwood Community Park, for the summer’s hottest music scene; Marinwood Music in the Park.  You don’t want to miss joining all your neighborhood friends every other Friday night throughout the summer.  This week’s opening night features The Humidors.   This is just the start as there will be live music and some delicious BBQ from the Marinwood Market every other Friday night.  And of course, there’s also a bar for adult drinking enjoyment. Click here to read more and get the complete schedule for the summer.

Saturday 9am-2pm; Marinwood Community Farmers Market
101 Marinwood Avenue at Miller Creek Road, San Rafael

Marinwood Community Farmers Market

Get your fruits, vegetables, breads and more!

Every aspiring cook, chef or caring partner knows that the best results come from the preparation of locally grown fresh produce; and, the best place to source fresh produce is at a local farmers market. Toward that end, you can’t forget to take a trip to the Marinwood Community Farmers Market. You will meet up with many of your friends as you stock up on your fresh fruits, vegetables, breads and more for the coming week. You may even find something new that sparks your interest. Click here for more details.

Saturday, 8pm; San Geronimo “Better Days” Album Release Party
Terrapin Crossroads

San Geronimo Album Release Party

San Geronimo “Better Days” Album Release Party

And after you’ve found your fruits and vegetables for the week, you should get ready for a big Saturday night at Terrapin Crossroads.  That’s because there will be a big party celebrating the release of the San Geronimo album “Better Days”.  As the longest running resident band at Terrapin Crossroads, it promises to be quite a party.  Click here to read all about it, then click here to purchase your tickets and get further details about the big party.

Sunday 10am-6pm; Italian Street Painting Marin
Ciao Bella Roma

Italian Street Painting Marin

Italian Street Painting Marin 2016

One of San Rafael’s extraordinary street events is back again this weekend.  You will get the opportunity to experience the Eternal City of Rome through the captivating art of Italian Street Painting Marin at Ciao Bella Roma.  Click here to read all about what you are going to see.  A single day pass will cost $10 while a full weekend pass will only set you back $15.  Children under 12 are FREE and will have the opportunity to try their hands at this fine public art.

Enjoy another great weekend and maybe we’ll even run into each other at one of these Marinwood & Lucas Valley local fun things to do. Please make sure you tell me all about your great weekend; either right below in the comments or on the blog’s Facebook page.

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