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Local Fun Things To Do In Marinwood & Lucas Valley This Weekend, May 5-7

Local Fun Things To Do

May 5-7

What are you planning to do with family and friends in the San Rafael neighborhoods of Marinwood & Lucas Valley this weekend; May 5-7? Why don’t you have a look at the local fun things I’ve found for you to do?

Friday, Noon; Vegetable Gardening Basics and Challenges
San Rafael Public Library

Vegetable Gardening Basics-n-Challenges

Vegetable Gardening Basics and Challenges

Haven’t you always wanted to show off your green thumb to all your friendly neighbors living in the fertile area of Marinwood?  However, you could just never find the time or the expertise to sufficiently pull it off.  Time is a problem you’ll just have to figure out for yourself.  But solving the problem of having the expertise begins with going to the San Rafael Public Library this Friday afternoon and listening to Marin Master Gardener Joe Jennings talk about the Vegetable Gardening Basics and Challenges everyone faces.  Click here to learn more about the scheduled program and call the Library (415-473-6058) if you need further information or have any specific questions.

Saturday, 10am-5pm; Kuhn Rikon Warehouse Sale
Kuhn Rikon

Kuhn Rikon Warehouse Sale

Kuhn Rikon Warehouse Sale

And after you harvest all the vegetables from your new garden, you are going to want to professionally prepare them for eating by all your family and friends.  Kuhn Rikon just happens to be one of the world’s finest makers of high-end specialty cookware.  This will undoubtedly add that professional touch to whatever you dream of preparing.  This Friday and Saturday’s Kuhn Rikon Warehouse Sale is just the place to pick up what you need to enhance your culinary arts.  Click here to read all about the sale and the other merchants participating in the neighborhood sale.

Saturday, 5am-9pm; The Culinary Dude Presents
Parent Night Out
St Hilary Elementary School

The Culinary Dude

Parents Night Out

In what is turning out to be a healthy food weekend, The Culinary Dude invites you to take advantage of one of the area’s fine dining establishments without dragging along your kids.  That’s right!  It’s Parents Night Out and The Culinary Dude will feed your kids this Saturday night, instead of you.  He will guide your children through the preparation of a tasty, healthy dinner while you and your loved one spends the evening reminiscing what it was once like before the little darlings came into your life.  Click here to read all about what’s in store for your kids. Bon Appetit!

Sunday 8am-1pm; Marin Sunday Farmers Market
Marin Civic Center

Marin Sunday Farmers Market

Marin Sunday Farmers Market

Every aspiring and caring cook, chef and partner knows that the best results come from the preparation of locally grown fresh produce.  And everyone knows the best place to get fresh produce in the Marinwood area each week is the Marin Sunday Farmers Market at the Marin Civic Center.   It’s the largest community gathering in the state and it’s a superb place to stock up on all your favorite fresh fruits & vegetables, breads, eggs, cheeses, meats and seafood.  If you are still not sure, then I suggest you head over to Yelp and see what everyone is saying about the Marin Sunday Farmers Market. Finally, you can visit the AIM Instagram feed to see pictures from all the other farmers markets under the Agricultural Institute of Marin banner.

Enjoy another great weekend and maybe we’ll even run into each other at one of these Marinwood & Lucas Valley local fun things to do. Please make sure you tell me all about your great weekend; either right below in the comments or on the blog’s Facebook page.

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