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Local Fun Things To Do In Marinwood & Lucas Valley This Weekend, September 9-11

Local Fun Things To Do 2016

September 9-11

Now that the kids are back in school soaking up all that worldly knowledge.  What are you now going to do?  This weekend is just right to get out & about and see what’s happening and what you can get involved with.  Perhaps I can give you a few good ideas.  The key question is, what are you going to do with family and friends in the San Rafael neighborhoods of Marinwood & Lucas Valley this weekend; September 9-11? Why don’t you have a look at the local fun things I’ve found for you?

All Week Long; Teen Fit After School Programs
Osher Marin Jewish Community Center

Osher Marin JCC

Koret Health and Fitness Center

There’s all sorts of fitness and aquatics programs available at the Koret Center for Health and Fitness at the Osher Marin JCC.  And the best thing about it all is that you don’t have to be Jewish to take advantage of the safe and comfortable workout environment.  Check out all the programs available throughout the week by just clicking here.  Good luck and here’s to your family’s good health.

Saturday 9am-2pm; Marinwood Community Farmers Market
101 Marinwood Avenue at Miller Creek Road, San Rafael

Marinwood Community Farmers Market

Get your fruits, vegetables, breads and more!

Every aspiring cook, chef or caring partner knows that the best results come from the preparation of locally grown fresh produce; and, the best place to source fresh produce is at a local farmers market. Toward that end, you can’t forget to take a trip to the Marinwood Community Farmers Market. You will meet up with many of your friends as you stock up on your fresh fruits, vegetables, breads and more for the coming week. You may even find something new that sparks your interest. Click here for more details.

Saturday, 10-3pm; Indian Valley Organic Farm and Plant Sale
Marin College Indian Valley Campus

Indian Valley Organic Farm and Plant Sale

Indian Valley Organic Farm and Plant Sale

And after you’ve found your fruits and vegetables for the week, you should stop on over at the College of Marin’s Indian Valley Campus.  That’s where you’ll be sure to enjoy the Indian Valley Organic Farm and Plant Sale.  Pick up all your organic fruits and vegetables here that you weren’t able to get at the Marinwood Community Farmer’s Market. Not only that, at 11am,Vic Stavig will be taking you on a tour of the gardens and talking to you about a plant’s propagation process.  To reserve a spot at this presentation, you can email Rebecca at rhoehn@ccnorthbay.org. Click here to read more and then get further details by clicking here.

Sunday 1-4pm; Golf in the Kingdom Marathon
Peacock Gap Golf Club

Golf in the Kingdom Marathonon

It’s time to get those long time dormant golf muscles out and loosened up again.  That’s because the 6th Annual Golf in the Kingdom Marathon will be kicking off at Peacock Gap Golf Club.  All proceeds from this fan favorite charity event will benefit ITP International and the Junior (SF) Giants charity organizations.  Read more here and then visit the charity website to register and make a donation.

Enjoy another great weekend and maybe we’ll even run into each other at one of these Marinwood & Lucas Valley local fun things to do. Please make sure you tell me all about your great weekend; either right below in the comments or on the blog’s Facebook page.

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