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Marinwood Market Grand Opening

Marinwood Market Grand Opening

Marinwood residents are practically ecstatic about the coming of Marinwood Market, to be located in the space vacated by the Bell Market at Marinwood Plaza in January 2006.  The official Grand Opening is scheduled for the weekend of October 15 & 16.

The new store, “Marinwood Market” had its “soft opening” earlier this week and I was lucky enough to go on the very first day.  I walked in feeling so very happy knowing that we finally have a community store in our Marinwood neighborhood.  I walked to the store from my home with my 2 young children in a stroller, and had fun watching everyone else’s smiles as they entered the store.

Marinwood Market Shelves

Marinwood Market

Already Well Stocked

The store seemed well stocked already (for a soft opening) and I picked up a yummy chocolate silk pie and some fresh sushi from their in-store sushi bar.  The coffee bar is just a counter with freshly brewed coffee (I was really hoping for lattes and such), as the store had nice tables in front of the store as well as in the sushi/coffee area.

For nearly 6 years, the residents of the Marinwood community have had to get on the freeway for an excursion to the nearest Safeway in either Terra Linda or the fairly new store in Hamilton, Novato to collect their groceries.  Being such a foot friendly community, having the ability to walk, ride or jog to the store has made everyone eagerly anticipate the opening.

Marinwood Market will be owned by the Fitzgerald family, former owners of Tiburon’s Boardwalk Market which was forced to close last April.  “It is one door closing and another opening.  There’s no looking back!” Jeanne Fitzgerald, owner, said, “It’s exciting.”  Marinwood Market will be over twice as big as the previous 7,000 sq ft structure occupied by the former Boardwalk Market.  The new store will be co-owned by Jeanne with her daughter, Kara, and her son-in-law, Billy Atkinson.

Marinwood Plaza Renovations Complete

Construction is now complete after several months of renovations to the Marinwood Plaza space occupied by the Marinwood Market.  Renovations included removing asbestos, installing skylights and many other enhancements, big and small, too numerous to mention here.  You will just have to come to the Grand Opening and see for yourself, Fitzgerald said.

Prepared foods will be featured in the deli.  The store has a butcher to go along with the expanded produce and wine sections, a coffee bar and outdoor seating; along with additional amenities.  An outdoor barbecue is in the plans for next year.

Many of Boardwalk’s previous 20-plus employees are to be employed at the new store.  About 15 additional staff are expected to be hired.

I for one am so very happy to have Marinwood Market open and want to support it in any way I can!

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