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Ronnie’s Awesome Summer List

Ronnie’s Awesome Summer List

My friend Ronnie puts together an incredible list of kids activities to do in Marin and the Bay Area.  With the summer now upon us, it makes even greater sense for all my readers to note the unique kids activities highlighted here as well as the entire inventory of fun kids activities pulled together at Ronnie’s Awesome Summer List

Ronnie Sharpe is a creative photographer and website designer.  Find out more about Ronnie at her photography business website: www.TadpolePhotography.com.  Now onto a sampling of this summer’s fun things to do:

geocaching log

International Geocaching

1. Geocaching is the modern day equivalent of treasure hunting. Using your map and a GPS receiver, you can locate caches all over the world. However, you don’t actually need this equipment to get involved here in northern California. Here, there’s hundreds of caches that can be found. Check out www.navicache.com or www.geocaching.com to get lists of caches in Muir Woods, GGNRA, Mt. Tamalpais, or even the Marin local playgrounds. It can be a fun and fascinating outdoor activity for your kids. You can let their imagination run wild. The cache we found was a book to be signed with the pen that was hidden in the box holding the book. Once you try it, your young treasure hunter will be hooked.

2. Explore your local library. It can be amazing for performances, crafts, and programs that encourage summer reading. Chat with one of our remarkable librarians, they are sure to have some fantastic recommendations.

3. It’s time to get lost in Golden Gate Park again. Why, you ask? If you have to ask that question then it’s clear you haven’t been there in quite awhile. You; and your young kids, will enjoy all the great museums, the best playground EVER, the paddle boats, the model yacht club, the fly casting pools and all the beautiful gardens; many with windmills as well. In addition, you can end your day or take a nice afternoon snack at one of the many nearby places to eat.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park

4. Take your young adventurer for a hike in the woods – one of my favorites is Muir Woods. And make sure you ask the ranger for the Quest! You’ll be much better able to help your child with the all the trees, animals, plants and insects if you get one..

5. The free beaches are all open 24/7. They are always a fun place for your young child to spend his or her time. You can help your child check the tide pools of Muir Beach, share a picnic lunch on Stinson Beach, stroll along Bolinas Beach, build fairy houses of seaweed and driftwood at Limantour Beach or build formidable sand castles on Drakes Beach. There’s no end to the possibilities; or, the beaches. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get just as excited!

6. The East Bay Regional Park District has joined a movement that is growing through California which encourages kids to get involved in outdoor activities. The movement is known as the California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights. The program is designed to address the recent concerns many parents have for their young children becoming less physically active outdoors and the apparent lack of physical exercise that can result in increased health risks. The “bill of rights” shows 10 outdoor activities all kids should have experienced by the age of 14. We can all remember these adventures from our own young years. However, many of these seem to be missing from today’s typical kids activities. Get more information on the Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights by checking out www.calroundtable.org and going to the Children’s Rights page.

Children's Outdoor Bill of Rights

Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights:

Every Child has the opportunity to:

  1. Discover California’s past
  2. Splash in the water
  3. Play in a safe place
  4. Camp under the stars
  5. Explore nature
  6. Learn to swim
  7. Play on a team
  8. Follow a trail
  9. Catch a fish
  10. Celebrate their heritage

At the very least, just get out and go for a walk in any direction. It’s a great escape for your kids and you never know what might happen.

If you are looking for a great idea for a specific day in June, you won’t go wrong checking out “Ronnie‘s Awesome Every List”.

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