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History of Dixie School District

Dixie School District

Original Dixie Shool House

For a piece of San Rafael and Dixie School District history, take a drive on Las Gallinas Ave, right off Lucas Valley Road. On the front lawn of Miller Creek Middle school is the original Dixie School House. The old Dixie Schoolhouse was built in 1864 which is when it was formally established as the Dixie School District. At that time it was one of the earliest districts to be established in Marin County. Originally the Dixie “district” had just 26 students! In 1993, Old Dixie Schoolhouse was declared a State Historical Site.

In 1954 subdivisions such as Marinwood and Terra Linda were developed which started the beginning of dramatic growth for the District. With the rapid increase in population, many new schools were built to accommodate the growing population of children. Ten schools were opened between 1955 and 1969; two were junior high schools and the others were for grades K through 6. Enrollment figures climbed steadily to a peak of 4,896 students in 1968-1969.

After that, a decline in enrollment and by the 1985/1986 school year, the Dixie School District reached a low of 1,014 students. This decline necessitated closing and merging schools. As a result, Vallecito and Dixie schools were the only K through 5 schools while Miller Creek Middle School served students in grades 6 through 8.

Enrollment started increasing again and reached 1,905 students during the 1999/2000 school year. For the 2010 school year, enrollment was 1,783 students. With this increase Mary E. Silveira Elementary School was opened as a K through 5 school in 1990. Each school has added classrooms to accommodate the increased space needs, and Dixie Elementary School expanded its facilities by adding a multi-use room in 1997.

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