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What’s your opinion on Smart Meters?

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What’s your opinion on Smart Meters?

PG&E’s efforts to introduce wireless digital smart meters has faced fierce opposition from Marinwood residents. Protesters have even been held for blocking delivery and installation of the smart meter devices. Opposition revolves around health and breach of privacy issues. Liberals AND conservatives see home device monitoring as a breach of privacy while environmentalists see the emission of radio frequency radiation as having similar health risks to the Marinwood community as the emissions associated with cellphones.

Health concerns related to the smart meters are based on an effect known as E.H.S; or “electromagnetic hypersensitivity. People experiencing this insist that radiation originating from WiFi systems, cellphones or smart meters create an environment where they suffer headaches, fatigue, dizziness, sleeplessness or heart palpitations.

Despite these concerns, PG&E is in the process of installing millions of these digital electrical and gas meters throughout Marin. The state Public Utilities Commission has approved smart meter installation throughout the state contending that various government reviews of recent and available research has found no connection between health problems and the usual electromagnetic radiation levels.

Several Marin communities, including Fairfax and San Anselmo, have tried to pass moratoriums on the installation of the smart meters. However, these attempts to delay installation have not been successful as PG&E feels that the Town Council has no regulatory authority over this. Smart meter installation proceeds.

Here’s your opportunity to voice your opinion and start communicating with others in your neighborhood. What are your feelings about the pros and cons of this issue. What’s on your mind?
I’d love to know your thoughts….

Liz McCarthy

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