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Why Is Marinwood So Great For Your Triathlon Training?

Why Is Marinwood So Great For Your Triathlon Training?

MapMyTRISo, are you thinking about taking the plunge into multi-sport training as a means of expanding your exercise routine?  In fact, several years ago, a friend of mine decided to do just that.  He started biking, swimming and running to get even fitter.  After awhile, he found himself participating in a series of short course triathlons each summer.  If this describes your attitude, then you should probably check out MapMyTRI and get all kinds of information related to Workouts, Nutrition, Training Routes, Events and so much more.

Maybe, you’re already a world class triathlete looking for the ideal training area in Marin County.  Well, as a resident of Marinwood, you already know it just happens to be the perfect place.  Marinwood boasts a thriving community of local swimming pools, biking routes and open space running trails that will meet the needs of any skill / fitness level.

Marinwood Community Pool

Surrounded by beautiful grounds and located near Marinwood Park and Playground, the Aquatic Facility features an outdoor main pool of 25 yards in length.  The facility opens in March and closes in October each year.

Biking Along Lucas Valley Road

Lucas Valley Road has become the primary route for bikers of all skill levels in the area.  Whether you are training for the Tour de France or out for a casual ride looking to shed a few pounds, Lucas Valley Road is the place to be seen.

Hiking Trails

There are many trails in and around Marinwood catering to bikers, walkers and runners.  Click here for the details of trails that can perfectly meet your needs.

However, why reinvent the wheel?  I’m sure you know someone who trains for one form of the sport or another; Ironman, Olympic or short course distances.  You could ask one of them about training in Marinwood, or you could just go directly to MapMyTRI and search for all the training information you need.  The last time I searched, I found over 90 routes.  The Marinwood – Point Reyes route is especially challenging and scenic.

Sign up at MapMyTRI is free and it has so much that will help you get in the best shape of your life.

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